Strategic Partners

We work in concert with strategic partners for our clients to optimize value-added services in the following areas:

Board Certified Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate plan creation and implementation, given our clients’ current retirement, medical and financial circumstances. Review and coordinate as needed for updates in the documents to ensure the latest objectives are incorporated into the plan.

Certified Public Accountants

Tax planning and tax return preparation by full-time tax professionals, estimating future taxes, and coordinating tax payments throughout the year.

Banking Professionals

Comprehensive banking services, including home equity lines of credit and home refinancing.

Licensed Realtors

Assist with a home or land sale, and/or search for new home or vacation home.

Licensed Mortgage Brokers

Finance or refinance a home.

Our fee-only services include:
Licensed, Independent Insurance Brokers

Research price and coverage among different insurance carriers to provide the best risk protection vehicles available to meet client plan specifications.

We charge no extra fees for our work with these strategic partners.