Our firm serves clients who seek comprehensive wealth management.

Annual fees are based on Assets Under Management and include discretionary portfolio management, comprehensive financial planning, ongoing financial counseling, coordinated work on their behalf with other financial professionals, and enacting risk management strategies.

    Fee Schedule:
  • $6,000 on first $600K (billed $1,500 per quarter, the minimum fee)
  • 1% on $600K to $1Million
  • .8% on the next million ($1MM – $2MM)
  • .5% on the remainder ($2MM+)

Fees include value added services such as tax planning, estate planning and risk management which are an important aspect of comprehensive portfolio management. A separate one-time fee is charged for the first Income Tax/Cash Flow and Retirement Analysis. For wealth management clients, updates are provided at no additional fee.

In limited cases where the client is currently and aggressively investing, the firm will manage portfolios expected to soon reach $600,000.

Fees, deducted quarterly directly from the respective managed accounts, are clearly stated on an invoice included with the Quarterly Reports.

Hourly Consultation ($300 per hour)

Although the firm focuses on developing only long-term relationships with clients, we may at times provide hourly consulting for those who do not have $600,000 minimum in readily investable assets.

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