One of our Multigenerational Client Families

Client Profile

Our Clients:

Desire holistic solutions to financial planning

Recognize the value of a true team relationship for effective wealth management

Require a fee-only fiduciary arrangement with a truly independent advisory firm

Delegate their portfolio construction and comprehensive asset management to our team of highly educated and experienced professionals

Receive diligent risk analysis and monitoring

Participate actively in the construction, review and ongoing refinement of their personal wealth goals through all seasons of life

Need our objective, accurate, and timely advice in all areas of financial planning
and wealth counseling

Want us to protect and grow their assets and/or retirement income to maintain their ideal lifestyle

Enjoy the firm’s proactive style of initiating regular communication

Seek a friendly, positive team attitude as well as individual professionalism

Benefit from our genuine service commitment

Value a long-term, mutually respectful advisory relationship

Include individuals and families of all ages, both working and retired, across the
United States

Require a proactive, not reactive, research-based portfolio management style (“Active Management”)

Want to minimize the downside volatility associated with the passive “buy and hold” approach

Have or expect to soon have a minimum of $600,000 in readily investable assets