Experience shows that our approach yields superior client peace of mind and satisfaction in the short-term, and therefore, happiness in the long-term by their staying the course through the rough times to reach their long-term goals.

We believe in:
  • Active, ongoing team planning
  • Active evaluation of client goals and strategies
  • Active portfolio management and rebalancing
  • Active financial coaching

We appreciate that our retired clients will have no more earned income. What we manage is all they have and cannot be replaced. We seek to protect and grow the principal we’ve been entrusted with and to maximize retirement income within each client’s risk tolerance. Our portfolios are personally balanced, account by account, by our investment team, not by computer programs. We take income needs and income tax rates into account, as well as any number of client personal preferences and circumstances.

We know that financial security is a concern of each of our clients. We also know that security is defined differently by each individual. For that reason, we engage in true financial counseling and active portfolio management tailored to meet the client where they are and to bring them along in a systematic manner to reach their goals. Direct, honest, and ongoing communication about those goals is the foundation for successful and mutually satisfying long-term client relationships.