At Spraker Wealth Management, Inc., it’s all about the relationship. We communicate proactively, listening to our clients and working to deliver what they want and need, when they want and need it. For almost 50 years of personalized retirement planning and investment work, we know that wealth is not only a very personal concern of each individual, but also is defined differently by each individual or couple. For that reason, our counseling and management is tailored to meet the client where they are and bring them along to reach their goals in a consultative approach. Open, direct and honest ongoing communication is the foundation upon which we build long term client success and satisfaction.

We believe in:
  • Active, ongoing team planning
  • Active evaluation of client goals and strategies
  • Active portfolio management and rebalancing
  • Active financial coaching

This approach means our clients spend their time doing what they love instead of tracking and worrying about daily market gyrations, the latest hot stock tips, fund manager philosophy of the day, newsstand advice, neighbor’s hot tips, or TV sensationalism of every kind. Our clients let us sift through all the chatter for them. We manage their portfolios and stay abreast of investment strategy adjustments which may need to be made over time.

Over the many years of practice we have had a significant positive influence in our clients’ lives. To this end, we spend considerable time coordinating all areas of wealth, including estate planning, investment planning, income-tax preparation and planning, risk management which includes all types of insurance evaluation, short- and long-term cash-flow planning, gifting, long term care, life insurance and all insurance needs, and retirement planning. We do not sell any products, including insurance. We use unaffiliated, highly educated, long time experienced, advanced degree professionals who specialize only in their one area of expertise.

We believe it is critical to coordinate family wealth goals across the generations where possible. These goals can include a decision to move a parent into assisted living or to bring in practical nurses to care for a parent in their own home; a decision to change careers or to retire and pursue a dream, or how to finance a child’s education. The advice can be as mundane as replacing a car through the auction or finding a reliable mechanic; selling a vacation condo or inherited farmland or a primary residence that is now too big; or, refinancing a home to start a business, and multiple other decisions our families are making day-to-day, year-to-year. We are committed to total wealth management consulting with our clients. We limit the number of clients of the firm so we can deliver the level of service we are committed to provide.

We appreciate that our retired clients will have no more earned income. What we manage is all they have and cannot be replaced. We seek to protect and grow the principal we’ve been entrusted with and maximize retirement income within each client’s risk tolerance. Our portfolios are personally balanced account by account by our team, not by computer programs. We take income needs and income tax rates into account, as well as any number of client personal preferences and circumstances when we rebalance each and every client portfolio.

Experience shows that our approach yields superior client peace of mind and satisfaction in the short-term, and therefore, happiness in the long term by their staying the course through the rough times, to reach their long term goals.